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What are AI Placeholders?

Modified on: Thu, 26 Jan, 2023

Besides standard Ezoic Ad Tester features, you may see the option to enable AI placeholders, but what are they? Essentially, by enabling this feature, Ezoic will automatically create and test new placeholders on your pages. Using our AI learning technology, the system will allocate locations where placeholders perform well and insert these onto your site. 

Our machine-learning system first figures out where extra placeholders could be inserted based upon the length of the page, how many words there are, where the existing placeholders are etc., and inserts them accordingly. It's particularly effective because it identifies where there might be a lack of placeholders, before filling those gaps where it has calculated that publishers could be earning more money by doing so.

Like with our standard Ad Tester features, over time the system will learn which locations work well for your visitors to help you improve the value of your site. For example, we have seen that through activating AI placeholders our publishers see an increase in ePMV of up to 20%.

If you are unfamiliar with where to find the AI Placeholder feature it can be found by navigating to the Ezoic Ads app in your Dashboard:


From there you will need to Navigate to Ad positions > Ad Types > Auto-Insert Ads and you will see the following options to enable AI Placeholders:


Enhanced AI Placeholders are meant to be a fairly hands off product for our publishers with no setup required outside of turning the feature on. While this product is in beta and going forward you may see the occasional placeholder appear somewhere it does not belong.

You can quickly fix this by using the chrome extension to view and exclude the placeholder from the page where you have found the issue.

Use the Ezoic Chrome Extension to "Preview AI Placeholders" on the page with the offending placeholder:


Click the drop down on the offending placeholder and select "Do not show on this page". This will ensure the placeholder is no longer visible:


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