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What Is The Ad Categories App?

Modified on: Sat, 20 Jan, 2024

Ezoic allows you to choose which categories of ads are shown on your site, in the same way that AdSense or Google AdExchange does.

The Ad Categories feature allows you to block any 'sensitive' ad categories that you do not want to show on your site.

You can do this in the Ezoic Ads area of your Dashboard by going to Ad Restrictions and then Ad Categories Blocked:


Then if you click on the pencil button, you will see this screen where you can turn off/on different categories of ads that may show on your site (make sure to Save your selections):


'Social Casino Games', 'References to Sex,' and 'Sexual & Reproductive Health' are automatically blocked - however, you can choose to enable these if you wish.

It is important to keep in mind that the more categories you block, the more you are reducing the available ad options for your site, which has the potential to lead to your site earning less revenue than it could.

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