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Where can I manage all my Humix videos?

Modified on: Fri, 5 Apr, 2024

The Humix studio is the best place to manage all your videos regardless of domain or Humix channel. 

It allows you to filter all your videos based on the channel, category, visibility, and shared status.


More so, you can bulk update up to 100 videos at a time. Simply select all the videos you want to update and then click the parameter you wish to update. 


For better user experience we recommend that you expand the videos per page view at the bottom of the studio. 


After filtering the videos you want to edit and expand your page view, you can easily access all these functions:

1. Views for each video are now all-time and not just the last 7 days. (yellow)

2. Can easily access your video's SEO settings. (blue)

3. Can make a playlist with any videos from your owned domains and channels. (red)

4. Can copy embed codes from any of your owned domains and channels. (green)

All of this can be done by simply hovering over the video description to access quick actions and directly in the studio as seen below. 


If you require assistance with uploading or embedding your videos, please feel free to visit either of these helpful resources: embedding or uploading videos. Both pages provide detailed guidance on the process.

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