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Why am I still earning money in my AdSense account?

Modified on: Wed, 13 Mar, 2024

There are several reasons why you could still be earning revenue in your AdSense account.

1. Traffic Settings

Log in to your Ezoic dashboard and go to EzoicAds > Optimization Goals to verify the share of site traffic allocated to Ezoic.


Under normal circumstances, this should be set to 100% for all devices (desktop, tablet, mobile).

If any of the devices are set to a lower percentage, however, then that means you are sending some of your traffic to the old version of your site without Ezoic ads.

Now if your old site also happens to include AdSense code, then there will be AdSense ads and the corresponding revenue will accrue in your AdSense account.

You can click on Update Settings to change the percentages.

2. Unwrapped Ads

If you previously used AdSense on your site, you may still have some unmodified AdSense code on your site, even with traffic settings set to 100% Ezoic.

In this case, the resulting AdSense ads will generate revenue for you in your AdSense account.

You may think that’s not a bad deal but keep in mind that your Ezoic ad revenue will be less because of it. In fact, you are likely to lose relatively more in terms of your overall ad revenue.

First, there will be less valuable ad space available for Ezoic ads. The best ad locations may already be taken by AdSense ads.

Second, the number of Ezoic ads will be lower. When you have third-party ads alongside Ezoic ads, then ad density will increase. This can be negative to user experience and cause the AI to reduce the number of ads.

The problem with unmodified AdSense code is known as ‘unwrapped ads’ and you have a couple of ways to resolve it. You can either delete your AdSense code or you can ‘wrap’ it with Ezoic code (click here for more details).

3. Mediation Revenue


If you followed the steps to link your AdSense account and set up the Mediation app for it, then you could be earning Mediation revenue via AdSense.

Mediation is a process that allows AdSense to compete for ads (even when your traffic is set to 100% Ezoic).

Because it can help you earn more overall, we highly recommend setting it up for your account.

The revenue that you earn via Mediation will still be displayed in your Ezoic dashboard but the payments will be made through AdSense.

Since Adsense is paying out your Mediation revenue, they will also report it in your AdSense account.

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