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Ezoic Payments

Modified on: Sat, 27 Nov, 2021

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How do Ezoic payments work?

What do I need to do to get paid?

How to fill out payment settings?

FAQs - Ezoic payments  

How do Ezoic payments work?

Ezoic is an established venture capital backed company with branches in the USA and UK. We operate on a net 30 day schedule and pay in arrears, usually within 30 days. For example, you should typically get paid January's revenue at the end of February. Payments typically go out any time between the 27th and 31st of the month.


We put 45 days in our terms because this is the very latest you can expect to be paid. This is due to how long it takes to get paid by all the ad networks that we work with (and there are over a hundred of those). We handle all the discrepancies etc., so this is in effect an efficient collection service for multiple ad partners. You can 100% rely on 45 days to be the absolute maximum, and 30 days to be the norm.  

What do I need to do to get paid?

To get paid on time at the end of the month, you will need to:

  • Earn at least $20 in the previous earnings period
  • Make sure you fill out your tax information
  • Have chosen your payment method preferences under payment settings  

Make sure you do these things or the system cannot process your payment.  

How to fill out payment settings?

You can do this by going to Account > Payment Settings.


Here at Ezoic, we support the following payment methods:

- Cheque

- PayPal - please note that payments are sent in USD and may be subject to up to 4% currency conversion fees

- Direct deposit - which is a US Bank Transfer via Payoneer and this option is only available to US residents

- International Wire Transfer via Payoneer - please note that international wire transfers are subject to a currency conversion fee of 2% unless the currency is specified below: 

Canada   (CAD)                0.15%

UK           (GBP)               0.15%

EU            (EUR)               0.15%

Pakistan   (PKR)              0.15%

China        (CNY)              0.15%

India            (INR)             0.50%

Alternatively, there is a $15 fee to receive funds in USD.

- Payoneer Prepaid Card

Note: electronic bank transfers to the United States are free of charge.

1. Choose one of the above methods in your dashboard here:


2. Choose a Payment threshold:


Here you have the ability to set a Payment Threshold (the minimum is $20 USD).

3. Ensure you have filled out your Tax Information correctly.

Common FAQs - Ezoic payments

- When should changes to payment settings be made?

Changes can be made to payment settings up until the payment is processed, once the payment has been processed your change will be applied toward the next pay period.

- Why can't I change the Payoneer payment method?

Occasionally we see that publishers cannot update the payment method from US bank transfer via Payoneer to International Transfer via Payoneer from the payment settings page in the Ezoic dashboard. In this instance you will need to configure this directly within your Payoneer account. Please open a Support ticket with Payoneer if you are unsure how to do this.

- How do I change the Payoneer account email associated with Ezoic?

You need to get in touch with Payoneer to "release" the old associated account. If Payoneer ask for your ezoic Payee ID your Ezoic representative can provide you with this. Then you need to go to your Ezoic account and add the new payoneer account under Payment Settings.

- How do I change the bank account associated with my Payoneer account?

This needs to be configured directly within your Payoneer account.

- How do I set up a pre-paid card at Payoneer?

This is handled by Payoneer and you may need to open a Support ticket with Payoneer.

- Where can I find my monthly invoices for tax purposes?


- What does the status "Paypal payment failed" mean?

If you ever see this payment status please contact PayPal to find out why they did not process the payment. Ezoic can then re-issue the payment if necessary.

- When will my cheque arrive?

If you are located outside the US cheque is not a recommended payment option as these are mailed and may take some time to arrive and Ezoic has no way to track this through the postal service. If you do not receive your cheque we can cancel the cheque on the Ezoic end and re-issue the payment via a different method.

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