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Getting Started with the Ezoic Video Player

Modified on: Wed, 17 Nov, 2021

The Ezoic Video Player is out for Beta Testing, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you!

Our Video Player is a comprehensive solution - allowing you to serve, host, and monetize your video content all in one product. Our Machine Learning technology will choose when and where to serve the Video Player, based on the effect it has on your users. This helps to mitigate any negative effects on your UX while continuously optimizing revenue over time. 

 To get started, navigate to this area of your Dashboard:


1. Select "Upload New Video" or "YouTube Import" (note that you will first need to connect a YouTube channel to Ezoic by clicking on "Authorize Importing" under the "YouTube Authorization" panel to take advantage of this latter option) and choose which video you’d like to upload.

  • You can upload multiple videos at once with the "Upload Video Batch" option and a MRSS file.
  • Select a Title for your video and write a brief description. 
  • Add any relevant keywords.
  • Select Public if you'd like the video to show for your users. Any videos that are set to "Private" will not serve for users. You should select Public unless you are simply testing yourself. 

2. Once you select Save, the video will begin uploading.

  • If you have issues uploading your video, we will display “Upload Failed”. Click “Upload Video” and select your video once more. This will continue to upload your video from where it left off.

3. Add a thumbnail

  • Select the pencil edit button.


  • The Player will automatically provide you with screenshots of your video to use as a thumbnail. You can click through these by selecting “choose thumbnail”. You can also upload your own.

4. Place a Video Placeholder on your site with the chrome extension. If you do not have our Ezoic Chrome Extension installed yet, please do so here.

  • With the Chrome Extension installed, navigate to the page of your site where you'd like to run the Video Player. Activate the Chrome Extension and select "Create Video".


  • Select the Video Player location on page. When you have selected the area you'd like to place the Player, select "Insert Here":


  • Select Save.
  • You can add multiple video placeholders on the page to increase the amount of positions our system will test with. Ezoic will use machine learning to find the optimal location for each user! 

5. Assign video to the placeholder.

  • Expand Placeholder Settings by selecting the drop down menu.


  • Select "Assign Video" and then choose which video you'd like to show in this placeholder. Confirm by selecting "Assign Video" once more.
  • You will now be able to see the video. It may take a few minutes for the video to appear. 

If you would like to assign multiple videos to one placeholder, you can create a Playlist of videos here in the Dashboard: 


Then, simply assign that playlist to the Video Placeholder.

6. Customize Settings if desired. 

Select the drop down menu from the placeholder you'd like to customize, then select "Edit".

  • You may adjust sizing and device rules here:


  • Our Float and Autostart features will be turned on as default, but you may adjust them here:

Float allows the Video to scroll with the user as they read your page. 

Autostart allows the Video to begin playing right away, without needing intervention from the user. 

7. View Results

  • You can review the performance of this video under “Video” in Big Data Analytics. Please note we do not display data within Big Data Analytics until it is finalized the following day.

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