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Google Ad Manager (MCM) FAQs

Geändert am: Thu, 11 Jul, 2024

1. How does the Google Ad Manager (MCM) review work?

The Google Ad Manager (MCM) review consists of two components, an account review and a domain review.

MCM account reviews should take no longer than a couple of days, if your review exceeds three days, reach out to the Ezoic team.

MCM domain review times vary, taking anywhere from a couple of hours up to two weeks. If your review exceeds two weeks, reach out to the Ezoic team.

2. Is MCM approval required to monetize my site with Ezoic?

Yes, full MCM approval (both account and domain approval) is required to monetize your site with Ezoic.

3. Do I need an AdSense account to be MCM approved?

No, you are not required to have an AdSense account to be MCM approved. However, you cannot be in bad standing with Google/AdSense when applying for MCM.

4. I am already AdSense approved, do I need MCM approval?

Yes, MCM approval is required even if your site is already AdSense approved. MCM and AdSense are two separate processes.

5. In Ad Manager my site is 'ready' does this mean my site is approved?

No, the 'ready’ message does not mean your site is approved. You need to check the Ezoic dashboard for status updates on the MCM domain review.

Note: If you have a question relating to an Ad Manager Account or domain denial, check out our other MCM guide.

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