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Guidelines for Contacting Support

Modified on: Thu, 11 Apr, 2024

Where can I get support?

Who is the right person to speak to for my query?

What are the best practices when opening tickets?

General Advice for Publishers

Success Analyst Team Goals


Where can I get support?

If you require urgent technical support, please go to support.ezoic.com/kb/ to see our Knowledge Base- we have a wealth of tutorials and videos to help you with your queries. 90% of queries can be resolved by visiting the Knowledge Base, and this is the quickest route to finding an answer to your question.

If you still need assistance after viewing our knowledge base, you can get in contact with Ezoic support in one of these ways, depending on your level:


Contact the Ezoic Team Using the Ezoic Help Community

Publishers of all levels can access the Ezoic Community. Here, you can get in direct contact with the Ezoic team while also having the opportunity to connect with fellow publishers. You can access the Community by going to support.ezoic.com and selecting ‘Support Community’, or via community.ezoic.com.

Our support agents are readily available to help with a variety of questions, including setting up your site on the platform, revenue queries, ad placements, Leap, and more! You will also gain access to valuable informational posts to help you get the most out of the Ezoic platform.

No matter how big your site is, you'll receive support in the Community from Ezoic Support Agents across two time zones, ensuring you can get fast and effective help when you need it. You can find out more about how to get the most out of the Community here.


How to open tickets

If you are Level 2 and above, you have access to create a ticket with our support team. 

To do so, go to your Ezoic dashboard and hit the drop down menu on your profile, then select 'Support.'


You will then be redirected to the Ezoic help center. If you select 'Support Tickets,' you will be able to view your open tickets and also create new tickets.


When you are in the Help Center, you can click 'Submit A New Request' to create a new ticket. 


You will then see the option to select a topic for the ticket and a text box where you can explain your question. Sending screenshots and example URLs when relevant is helpful and will speed up any required troubleshooting.

How to create a chat

Alternatively, you have the option to create a chat instead of a ticket.


The chat window will open in the bottom right of the screen and you can ask your question:


If the question needs to be escalated, you will be directed to the Support Community or given the option of creating a ticket/live chat depending on your Level and if there are agents online.

You will then be directed to select the relevant domain, select a topic, and fill out a subject. Please make sure you fill out the correct subject in the form before submitting your ticket or chat. If you don't see a category directly corresponding with your query, select the closest category possible, or select 'other'. Then you can fill out the details in the 'Message' box. Then you will be able to create either the ticket or chat.


Who is the right person to speak to for my query?

If you have urgent, technical queries, the Support team will get back to you on your ticket as soon as possible. You can check for ticket updates by logging into your account at support.ezoic.com and viewing support tickets:



Please note that sometimes your query will be best directed to a different team with specialist knowledge in different areas.

For assistance with Ad Tester setup and general queries on getting started with Ezoic, please contact your assigned Setup Specialist directly via email. Site setup includes:

  1. Integration
  2. Wrapping ads
  3. Adding Ezoic ad placeholders
  4. Linking your AdSense account to Ezoic
  5. Setting up Mediation
  6. Applying to the Google Ad Manager

For assistance with performance or optimization queries, you'll need to speak to a member of our Success Management team directly.

Examples of a strategic query includes optimization or improvement of current settings, for example:

  1. Site speed and caching improvement
  2. Placeholders and revenue optimization
  3. SEO queries

To contact your Setup Specialist or Publisher Success Manager directly, you can use your Levels menu in the Ezoic Dashboard.


What are the best practices when opening tickets/live chats?

- For security reasons, we are only able to help publishers emailing from the address associated with their Ezoic account. If you open a ticket or chat from an email address that is not the email address associated with your Ezoic account, you will be asked to reply from the Ezoic associated email address before we can continue troubleshooting. 

- If you have more than one issue (and they are unrelated), please open a separate ticket for issue. Doing so means that we can allocate a dedicated agent to work on each issue and allows us to track recurring issues more effectively so that we can build out tools to assist with this at scale.

- Please don't open multiple tickets/ live chats on the same issue. Your ticket is in a queue and will be dealt with shortly. If you open more than one ticket on the same subject, we will automatically close this and your original ticket will be sent to the back of the queue.

If you want to enquire about more than one site please open separate requests for each site.

General Advice for Publishers

- It’s always useful to have a copy of your DNS Records exactly as they appear at your host server available for audit. More information here: Where To Find DNS Records (Zone Files) At Your Host

Always include details of ANY changes you have made to your site recently. For example; change of host, changes to SSL, plugins installed etc.

Always have the list of additional plugins installed on your site ready and available for review

- Always ensure you have searched the Knowledge Base for the answer to your question before contacting support. 

- Please do not display aggression - we will not respond where foul language or threats are used.

- Remember... the more information you provide at the outset, the quicker our team can identify the root cause of any issues and provide potential solutions. Site URL, screenshots and error logs can reduce resolution times dramatically! It's also important to let us know whether the issue is replicated across your entire site or only on certain pages.

Success Analyst Team Goals

On our side we aim to:

- Respond in a timely fashion

- Prioritize issues effectively

- Solve your query as quickly as possible

- Maximize the use of information from our Knowledge Base and Publisher Academy to help you better understand the Ezoic system

- Explain the reasons behind actions we ask publishers to take

- Be clear and concise in our communication

- Be friendly and personable

- Use data to identify common queries and build tools and solutions that make it easy for publishers to make the most of using Ezoic features

- Give publishers the opportunity to leave feedback

- In general, to provide a great Support service which publishers would recommend to others!

Thank you for your understanding,


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