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How Can Ezoic Make Me More Money From The Same Ads?

Modified on: Sat, 2 Mar, 2024

By focusing on testing thousands of combinations of ad locations and tracking both user experience metrics (time on site, page views per visitor and bounce rate) and also for the income per thousand  visitors (EPMV), Ezoic can determine which combinations of ads strike the best balance between revenue per session and user engagement. 

The best ad combinations get shown to a higher percentage of users, while adjusting for those users who prefer a lighter or more ad heavy experience. 

By providing a more tailored user experience, we can increase traffic and ad engagement rates, which makes your ad inventory more valuable to advertisers. 

Testing does take time, but we tend to see a really significant improvement after a 12 week initial optimisation period : 


For more on the time it takes to test with Ezoic check out this article.

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