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How to Access Twist (Access Now publishers)

Modificado el: Mon, 28 Nov, 2022


  1. What is Twist
  2. Twist invitation
  3. Logging into twist/signing up?
  4. Using the search function
  5. Posting a new thread

1. What is Twist

Twist is the primary troubleshooting platform for publishers enrolled under the Access Now programme, as well as Level One publishers. As a forum platform, Twist allows both members of the Ezoic team and publishers to work collaboratively on solving issues and general queries. If you are facing an issue that Ezoic’s knowledge base cannot answer, please assure Twist is the first place you look for support, opposed to tickets.

Support within Twist is available for 24 hours a day between Monday and Friday. Note that support is available on Saturday and Sunday, at a more limited capacity.

2.Twist Invitation

You should receive an invitation to Twist via email. If you don’t see it in your inbox, make sure you check your spam folder. Once you have received the email, you will have to click the link to ‘Join team’.


3. Logging into Twist/Signing up

Once you have received an invite to join Ezoic's Twist station, you'll need to login to Twist via the email link, or by accessing their Login PageMake sure you login to Twist using the email linked to your Ezoic account.

4. Using the Search Function

You are encouraged to utilize Twist’s search function. This tends to be the quickest way to find an answer to your query, as you can look up similar questions from other publishers in the past, alongside the answers from the Ezoic Onboarding team.

The search feature can be found on the left hand side of the Twist interface, as shown below.


Once you have clicked search you will be directed to another page where you can enter keywords related to the query you have. You can also set a number of filters, if you wish to do so.


Twist also provides a guide on how to use the search function, this can be accessed here.


5. Posting a New Thread

To post a new thread, simply press ‘new thread’ in the top right of the channel which you are allocated.


Afterwards, you must:

  1. Tag the Ezoic Onboarding Team
  2. Title your thread. Make sure the title is clear and truly reflects the question you have. Using titles like ‘help’ or ‘I have a problem’ are not helpful and will slow down the rate at which the team can answer your question.
  3. Include further details of your issue. Elaborate on the message included in the title, provide screenshots, links, videos, your domain name and steps to reproduce the issue. Once you’ve typed your message, read it carefully to assure it makes sense. All of these steps will allow the Ezoic Onboarding Team to deal with your issue much more efficiently and effectively.
  4. Post your message.
  5. Follow up on the response from the Ezoic Onboarding team.

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