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How to Add or Change Your Payment Method

Modified on: Tue, 30 May, 2023

Some of our services(Premium etc.) may require monthly payments using a payment method of your choice. To add or change your method of payment, follow these steps: 

1. Click the ‘Account’ button in the upper right corner and hover over the ‘Payment and Charges' option, then click 'Payment Methods'.


2. If you have previously chosen a payment method you will see it here. If not, you will see 'Please Add a Credit Card'.


3. To add a payment method, click the green ‘Add Payment Method’ button:


4. Clicking the 'Add Payment Method' button will redirect you to a secure page where you can add your credit card details:


5. You can always add more than one card by clicking the green 'Add Payment Method' button again. You can also choose which card you would like as your default card, and you can always change this at a later date.

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