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Should I be using the Ezoic WordPress plugin with Leap?

Modified on: Mon, 22 May, 2023

Do I need to be WordPress integrated or can I use Cloud integration?

Cloud Integration is required to ensure the best performance when using Ezoic Leap. Without Cloud integration in place most of Leap’s features and the plugin’s benefits will not be available.

Note: Installing and activating the Ezoic Plugin will not change your integration method if you are already Cloud Integrated.

Go here (Ezoic Cloud) to learn more about why Ezoic Cloud integration is the only way for your site to be Core Web Vitals friendly and serving ads. You can also take advantage of Ezoic's Closed Guard DDOS protection, Ezoic Edge server side delivery, and Intelliprotect for Click-Fraud, ad penalty, and bot protection!

We now recommend that all publishers using WordPress CMS install the WordPress plugin regardless of whether you are choosing to use Cloud Integration or to integrate via the WordPress plugin. You can download the Ezoic WordPress plugin here.

Instructions on how to install the plugin are also included as well as explanations of the new features. Please ensure you are using the latest version of WordPress before installing. If you don't, we recommend upgrading Wordpress to at least 4.3 to ensure that the Ezoic plugin functions correctly after you enable it.

How does the Ezoic plugin help with Leap optimization?

When the Ezoic plugin is active on your site it will allow Leap to detect the technologies that you are using on your site such as plugins, themes, etc.

Once Leap has detected these technologies it can analyze the impact they will have on your site's performance and be able to offer recommendations on how to improve your site’s performance by offering alternatives to particularly slow technologies.

See these articles for more information on Leaps technologies tools:

Guide to using Leap toolset in the Ezoic dashboard
How can I use Leap and Ezoic's Chrome Extension to pass Core Web Vitals?
Optimizing Site Speed with Ezoic
What features does Leap have?

What are the benefits of using Ezoic caching and CDN with Leap?

When you install the Ezoic plugin you will have the option to use our Ezoic CDN and caching.


Caching is a great way to speed up the delivery of your site to your users because when a site is cached on our servers it can be immediately shown to the user without the need for an external request to the origin server.

More about the Ezoic caching app here: How does Ezoic Caching App work?

Included in the WordPress plugin is the option to turn on the Ezoic CDN, this will mean that your site can be cached and delivered via our super fast Content delivery network which will reduce the time it takes for your site to load for your users all around the world.

When the Ezoic plugin is installed on your site it will also be able to automate the cache purging process by detecting caches and sending instructions to the CDN to purge the cache for individual pages and posts making it easy to update your site whilst using our caching.


More on this here: How can I set up the Ezoic WordPress Plugin for CDN Management?

Using the Ezoic CDN and caching will enable Leap to maximise the optimization of your site and ensure you get the best performance because everything is being delivered to your users via our servers, the less communication in the request chain the faster your site can be delivered to the user.

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