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What are Charity Ads and Why Do They Improve my Optimization?

Modified on: Sun, 14 Jan, 2024

Charity Ads is Ezoic’s first initiative that serves the purpose of improving your website’s optimization while utilizing our resources to give back to nonprofits working toward a greater good.

So, when do Charity Ads serve rather than a programmatic ad, and how do they benefit your website’s optimization?

Charity Ads only serve when there are no advertisers bidding higher than the Ezoic system demands. Rather than collapsing the page in that location or serving a programmatic ad for lower than the set bid floor, Ezoic is serving an ad impression for a charity instead.

Why not fill an ad impression for a lower bid price?

While it may seem like it’d be beneficial to just accept a lower bid for an ad impression so that you’re earning revenue on that unit, over time this will take a significant toll on your average CPM, and furthermore, EPMV. If Ezoic continually accepted lower bids from advertisers, this would tell advertisers that they could continue bidding lower and lower on your inventory. Ezoic is optimizing more than just your ad layouts, our header bidding platform is optimizing the bid floors on your website as well; and in turn, increasing your ad revenue by growing your average CPM & EPMV.

Why start doing this now? What was Ezoic doing prior when advertisers bid lower than we demanded?

In the past, Ezoic would simply collapse the page when advertisers didn’t bid high enough on an impression. So, rather than showing a blank space between paragraphs, we would simply collapse the space as the page loaded, a process now called “cumulative layout shift” (CLS).

As part of Google’s Core Web Vitals (CWV) update, CLS is newly deemed as a CWV issue. So, to avoid collapsing the page or lowering your CPM, Ezoic is serving ads for various charities.

Because the purpose of Charity Ads is beneficial in terms of CWV, the feature has been activated by default for all of our publishers. As stated in our Help section on the app, less collapsing space on the page where ads would fill helps your core web vital score for Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) which may improve your search rankings.

You can easily disable this feature in your Ezoic dashboard monetization section at any time, however this will cause the ad space to collapse, which may negatively impact on your search rankings. If you would like to disable them, navigate to Ezoic Ads > Ad Campaign and click "Disable" for Ad Charity.


In summary, Ezoic’s goal is that Charity Ads will positively impact your CPM, improve your CWV score & search rankings, and enable our community to join us in our goal of giving back.

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