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Why am I seeing Revenue / Impressions / Pageviews in my AdSense account despite using Ezoic?

Modified on: Wed, 23 Nov, 2022

You may have noticed that, despite integrating with Ezoic, you continue to see AdSense record Impressions, Pageviews and Revenue. This is fairly common and not something to worry about - here are a few reasons why you may still find stats in your AdSense after integrating with Ezoic and turning Ad Tester on.

Split Testing

When running Ad Tester, publishers have the opportunity to select how much traffic they wish to send to Ezoic, and how much they would like to continue seeing the original version of their website. These settings can be found in the Settings section of the publisher dashboard.


In the example above, this website continues to send 5% of traffic to their original setup. As a result, they will continue to see pageviews, impressions and revenue stats for a t least 5% of their total traffic.


Mediation is another reason publishers might find data in their AdSense, despite running Ad Tester on their website. Mediation allows publishers to link their existing ad networks, like AdSense to their Ezoic account. When the system believes that an existing partner will pay more than one of Ezoic’s ad partners, Ad Tester will show an ad from those existing partners instead.

With AdSense Mediation, ad units are created within the publisher’s AdSense account, which are served on traffic sent to Ezoic visits. You can identify these ad units by Navigating to the Ads area of your AdSense account, clicking the ‘By ad unit’ tab and searching existing units for ‘ezoic’.


These ad units generate impressions and revenue. Since Google counts a pageview every time a user views a page with Google ads, you will also see pageviews counted as well. However, it’s worth noting that Ad Tester is unlikely to serve AdSense Mediation ad unit on every single pageview, so the Pageview count in AdSense is likely to be much lower than the number of pageviews recorded in Google Analytics or Ezoic’s Big Data Analytics.

Ad Tester is turned OFF

Publishers should always check that Ad Tester is turned on if they are seeing a high number of impressions in their AdSense. This can be checked in the Monetization tab


Publishers can turn Ad Tester on and off independently of the other tools in the Ezoic dashboard.

Unwrapped Ads

When setting up Ad Tester, most publishers wrap their ads- this allows existing ad positions to be tested on Ezoic versions. If an ad from AdSense is unwrapped it will show on Ezoic versions alongside the ads served by Ad Tester. As a result, your AdSense will report data. To prevent this, you can wrap your ads following these instructions.

Excluded Pages

Publishers may also disable Ezoic running on individual URLs of their site. If these pages have AdSense ad units on, they may display ads when visitors navigate to the Content area of the publisher dashboard and review their Excluded Pages:



If you receive traffic to your subdomains and host AdSense ad code there, it is worth checking Ezoic is activated for those URLs. If you find this to be the case, our Support Team can help you get Ezoic activated on a subdomain.

Other sites are using your AdSense ad code

If a domain that does not belong to you is displaying your ad code, this may result in your AdSense account recording inflated pageview and impression metrics. You can use AdSense’s site authorization feature to protect your account against this. After verifying your domains, advertisers will not be charged for impressions on unverified websites and you will not receive revenue for those impressions.

Identifying Traffic not receiving Ezoic Optimisation

One final way to identify traffic not receiving optimization by Ezoic that could be monetized via your AdSense account is with Big Data Analytics.

If you navigate to the ‘Pages’ Report of your Big Data Analytics dashboard and change your Platform to ‘Old Site’, you will see data from all traffic that passes through Ezoic servers that does not have our optimization tools applied. This will include split test traffic and excluded pages, but not subdomains that Ezoic is not enabled on.


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