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Why aren't images loading?

Modified on: Thu, 17 Nov, 2022

There are a number of reasons why image may not be loading:


Leap can sometimes cause issues with images if you use other image optimization tools on your site. The most common cause is conflicting lazy loading, if an image is being lazy loaded twice it will create an infinite loading loop that prevents images from being loaded in. 

The first step in troubleshooting this should be to turnoff all other image optimization plugins. 

If images still aren't loading, try disabling Leap's image optimization features, starting with Lazy load images. In almost all instances, you can exclude images from being optimized by file or URL in order to resolve any issues, but very occasionally the offending feature will need to remain off in order for images to load.

If all the image optimizations are disabled and images still aren't loading then your images might be loaded in with scripts. Leap's Script delay feature could be delaying the necessary scripts load preventing the images from loading in.

Ad Blockers

Sometimes, ad blockers can block images. This is because ad blockers identify all scripts on the page; images are picked up and can block these. If you're using an ad blocking extension, please make sure this is turned off.

DNS records

Additionally, sometimes a publisher may be using a CDN to serve static images, and since Ezoic doesn't have all of the DNS records, it can cause images to not show. This can be resolved by updating Ezoic's copy of your DNS records to reflect the fact that you are using a CDN to serve static images.

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