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WordPress Hosting App

Modified on: Tue, 14 May, 2024

For sites on the Ezoic platform, publishers have access to the Wordpress Hosting app. This app allows publishers to host their sites on Ezoic's servers, free of charge!

*Requirement: Content Management System must be WordPress. 

Benefits of Using Ezoic Hosting

  • Cloud-based memory
  • Cloud-based CPU cores
  • SSD storage
  • Uses PHP 7.4 by default and can be customized to other PHP versions
  • Ezoic will stop malware at the DNS level
  • Ezoic detects and excludes unsafe content
  • The system currently also offers DDoS protection and other security measures
  • Sites hosted with Ezoic will also benefit from having tech team members monitor user experience metrics regularly

Steps to Switching to Ezoic's Hosting: 

There are 2 different ways to transfer your site to Ezoic hosting*

In order to get started go to the 'Settings' section of your dashboard.

Scroll to the WordPress Hosting section and click 'Get Started'


Once there simply choose your preferred option.


Option 1: 'Transfer Site' (Via SFTP)

  • We make an attempt to transfer content from your old host to us
  • We need SFTP credentials to access your web / wordpress directory
  • This method is preferable for sites with small amounts of content. This transfer method doesn't work that well if your site has large amounts of content (tens of thousands of uploaded content like images) and you are very active in uploading new content.
  • This method will likely not work for sites that have dynamic content.

Once the tech team has transferred over your original site to the staging site we will notify you. Please verify that your staging site looks and functions correctly by going to the Wordpress Hosting App and using the staging cookie.

Turning on the Staging cookie for your browser allows you to browse your staging site instead of your live site. If you are using Cloudflare, it also turns on development mode. Turning off the staging cookie allows you to browse the live site as usual and turns off Cloudflare's development mode.

If everything looks good on your staging site, then you are ready to 'Switch DNS'!

Option 2.
 'Create New Site' / Manual Transfer

  • We create an empty WordPress staging site for you, and you are free to add anything you want to it
  • We provide SFTP access to help you transfer files.

If you have to manually transfer your site, there are different ways you can do so. You could use a WordPress plugin to do most of the work for you. Example plugins are:

We would recommend following our guide on this process for the manual transfer here.

If you decide to move your site away from Ezoic's free WordPress Hosting at any point, all you need to do is amend the value of this record in your Ezoic Dashboard to point toward your new host's server IP after completing the transfer of your site's contents to the new host (who will provide instructions on how to do this):


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