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WordPress Login Queries

Modified on: Tue, 30 Jun, 2020

If you're having issues getting into your wp login after integration, look no further!

To fix this error simply:

1. Download Ezoic's Excluded Pages App by going to your Ezoic Dashboard > Content > Excluded Pages > Install:


2. Click 'Add Excluded URL':


3. Under 'Rule Target' select 'Directory':


4. Under 'URL Path' add any URLs which you use to log into your admin area - these will be excluded! For example '/wpadmin1'.

Note: if you add '/wp' it should exclude all of your wp admin pages!

5. That's it! Hit 'Save Excluded Page'.

Still facing issues? When you integrate with Ezoic, the system will act as a proxy between your site and your users, so that we can provide an Ezoic version of your site. Consequently, when Ezoic is turned on, instead of seeing requests from your users' IP addresses directly, your origin server will see those requests as coming from the Amazon Web Services. This can sometimes be incorrectly classified as 'bot traffic' by your host, which could prevent the page from loading or stop login pages from working, and in those cases this will create an origin error.

See this article for further solutions.

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