*Note: if you use WordPress, we recommend logging out of your WordPress Admin when using the Ad Tester Chrome Extension to ensure best functionality.

The Ad Tester extension allows you to choose the locations and sizes of ads on your site without having to replace any code on your page. 

To use the Ad Tester extension please download the extension from the Chrome store here. Once it's installed, the little green Ezoic icon will show up in your browser. 

Watch the video version of the extension demo below:


To use the extension, go to the page on your site where want to add placeholders. 

Once on the page, click on the Ezoic icon and hit Activate Placeholders. If you already have existing placeholders on the page they'll appear and you can toggle between the different sizes or choose to only show indicators. To make a new placeholder hit Create, select a Placeholder Size, and click Select Location. 


To use the Ad Tester extension to create new placeholders follow these easy steps: 

STEP ONE: Choose the create button to get started. We suggest using 'Automatically Detect' as the placeholder size. This allows the system to gauge how big an ad can fit in that size and select all ad sizes that apply. Then click select location. 

STEP TWO: Use your mouse to hover over an area where you would like the system to test an ad. The selection will highlight in blue. 

STEP THREE: Click on the box and choose if you want the ad at the beginning of the end of the element using the arrows. 

STEP FOUR: When you've chosen the correct place for the ad click 'Insert Here'.


Chrome Placeholders Settings

Once a placeholder is inserted, you will be prompted to select a page position and devices you would like the placeholder to appear. 

The Size Tab allows you to select which ad-sizes each placeholders will test. You can select or deselect any sizes listed. All sizes that can fit in that location will automatically be selected. 

For more information on Ezoic placeholders. you can check out the Placeholders Guide.