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How can I set up the Ezoic WordPress Plugin for CDN Management?

Modified on: Wed, 15 May, 2024

This plugin uses the Ezoic API to automatically purge pages from the Ezoic CDN whenever a post or page is updated.

In addition to purging the cache of a given post, it automatically discovers other pages that should be purged as well and purges the cache for them such as: category pages, archive pages, etc.

Automated Clearing

Enabling the plugin will automate instructing the Ezoic CDN to recache all of the following whenever a page/post is updated:

  • Posts
  • Post Page
  • Home Page or Blog Posts Listing Page
  • All categories that the post is a part of
  • All tags mentioned in the post
  • The Yearly archive the post belongs to
  • The Monthly archive the post belongs to
  • The Daily archive the post belongs to
  • The Main atom and RSS feeds
  • All related category and tag feeds
  • If the update changes anything in any of these urls (examples: removing from a category, changing the date, changing the slug), both the old and new versions of the URLs will be recached accordingly.
  • Pages and custom content type pages
  • Page itself
  • Any page type archive related to the page
  • Any categories or tags the page or custom content post type is marked in
  • Feeds

If the update changes anything in any of these URLs (for example changing the slug or changing the parent page), both the old and new versions of the URLs will be recached accordingly.

*Currently, automated recaching of custom taxonomies is not supported.

To use the Ezoic Plugin you will need access to the Ezoic API. You can access the API Gateway in the settings area on your Ezoic dashboard, under the "API" tab. From there, install the app and you can copy the Key.


  1. Download the Ezoic Plugin from the WordPress plugin directory
  2. Get your Ezoic API Key from your dashboard. Settings > API > API Gateway: image
  3. Once the API Gateway App is installed, you will be able to generate an API Key via the API Gateway App, you should go ahead and do this and copy the API Key
  4. Then within WordPress Admin, ensure you have installed the Ezoic Plugin (linked above in article) and then ensure the plugin is activated
  5. Then go to Settings (for the plugin) > CDN Settings and enter the API key you copied from the API Gateway App in your Ezoic Dashboard
  6. Then set both 'Automatic Recaching' and 'Purge Home' to 'Enabled'
  7. Click 'Save Settings'.
  8. That's it!

At this point any time you update a post, the plugin will ping the Ezoic CDN API to ensure the appropriate pages are purged from the CDN’s cache.

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