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How Do I Turn Ezoic On & Off?

Modified on: Wed, 27 Mar, 2024

You can pause testing or turn Ezoic on and off with a simple click of a button in the user interface.

1) Simply log in to your Ezoic account and go to the "EzoicAds" tab:


2) Click on "Split testing":


 And then on 'Update Settings' under 'Ezoic Ads Traffic Split':


3) Use the toggle button to turn Ezoic on and off for various devices. When you turn Ezoic off, all users will be directed to the old layout of the site. If you were using AdSense on the origin site, all traffic will subsequently be diverted back to AdSense.

4) You can also choose to divert a portion of your traffic back to the original site by using the sliding scale to change the percent going through Ezoic:


*Turning Ezoic on and off will only work when the site is live.*

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