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How To Exclude A Particular Ad On A Particular Page - Layout Tester Step By Step Guide

Modified on: Wed, 17 Jan, 2024

*Note: this function only applies to Layout Tester

 1. Go to your Ezoic login and sign in with your user name and password.

2. Trigger the toolbar by going to the page you want to amend and hitting CTRL + ALT + E (all at the same time)


3. All ads on the page should now be highlighted. Click on the ad you want to exclude.

4. Click on the Disable Ads option and then on the ad you want to disable.

If you want to disable this feature and browse your site naturally, you can then hide the Disable Ad Position feature by clicking on the button in the toolbar again.

The ad is now disabled on all templates.

If you change your mind - you can switch off an exclusion under EzoicAds>Ad Restrictions>Disable Ads By Page>Settings>Layout Tester.

Delete any exclusions you like by clicking X.

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