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What is the 'Max Ads Per Page' App?

Modified on: Fri, 9 Feb, 2024

The Max Ads Per Page app is an optional tool that allows you to restrict the number of ads per page on your site. It is accessible via the Ezoic Ads section of your Ezoic dashboard.

This app is there to give publishers more control over ad placements in special circumstances but we do not recommend it on the majority of sites. As you might expect, the Max Ads Per Page app can quickly reduce your ad revenue. In other words, you will earn much less when you turn it on.

To be clear, the app does NOT maximize the number of ads to help you earn more. Instead, you are simply restricting the number of ads regardless of user experience. There are other ways to prioritize UX metrics if that is your objective. For instance, you can reset your Optimization Goals to User Experience Focused.

If you’d still like to proceed with the Max Ads Per Page app under Ad Restrictions, simply turn it on by clicking on "disable auto optimize" and then click on the action icon to adjust its settings. You'll be able to set limits based on word count and device type.  










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