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Can I add additional Users to my Ezoic Account?

Modified on: Sun, 15 May, 2022

Yes, you can add more users with different levels of access to your Ezoic Dashboard and Big Data Analytics report.

To gain access to this service, you can subscribe to Ezoic Pro under the “Account Settings” section of your dashboard.


Once you’ve subscribed to Ezoic Pro, you’ll be able to access the Manage Users section under the “Account Settings” tab.


From there, you can add a new user, edit previous roles or remove users. When you create a new user, you can assign him or her a user email and password for access, and set an access level.


Administrators have access to all dashboard functions and Big Data Analytics with the ability to edit.

With "Read Only" you can select the different tools/reports in the Ezoic Dashboard that this user can only view but not edit.

Restricted access allows you to select the tools/reports and give the user either read-only or read/write permission.

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