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How Do I Connect with Ezoic via the WordPress Plugin?

Modified on: Thu, 17 Aug, 2023

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What are the benefits of the WordPress Plugin?

If you are using Leap...

If you want to use our SSL app...

Steps to Installation

Is your site running on the WordPress platform? If so, then the Ezoic Wordpress plugin is one possible method of connecting and integrating your site to Ezoic.

It is slower than cloud integration, so we do recommend that you take advantage of either name server or Cloudflare integration if possible, however we also advise that you install and activate Ezoic's WordPress plugin before / after doing so - this will allow you to take advantage of the plugin's CDN management settings, and optimizations for Leap, without affecting your website speed!

For those who prefer not to use cloud integration, Ezoic's WordPress plugin will still enable you to easily use the Ezoic platform on your WordPress site and send a % of your website traffic to Ezoic versions. You can then get started using our A.I. to learn from your visitors’ behavior and adapt ad combinations and layouts to suit each unique user.


What are the Benefits of the WordPress Plugin?

  • It’s quick and simple to set up
  • Leaves all elements of the website and code unchanged
  • Does not affect hosting and you can continue to use and update your website using WordPress normally

If you are using Leap...

Please keep in mind that Wordpress Plugin Integration may not be the best option when using Leap. We recommend using Cloud Integration (Name Server Integration or Cloudflare Integration) as these allow you to use Ezoic's caching services. The WordPress plugin will deliver a fast site without exception, but the plugin itself adds some additional load time that is not optimal for the highest scores in Google. 

If you want to use our SSL app...

Please note our SSL app is not currently compatible with the Ezoic WordPress plugin. Therefore, if you would like to use this app (in your Dashboard under the Privacy tab), we suggest using Cloud Integration (Name Server or Cloudflare Integration) instead.

Steps to Installation


1. Make sure you have the most up to date version of WordPress. If you don't, we recommend upgrading Wordpress to at least 4.3 to ensure that the Ezoic plugin functions correctly after you enable it.


2. Create an account with Ezoic here: https://svc.ezoic.com/join.php

3. Log into your Ezoic Dashboard and select which Ezoic services you are wanting to use on your site, then click "continue":

4. Log into your Ezoic account and click “Integrate Your Site":


5. Click the WordPress option:


6. Follow the steps in your DashboardDownload, install, and activate the Ezoic plugin on your WordPress site:   

Ezoic Wordpress Plugin

Step 1:


Step 2:

Go into the plugin, click on the "Integration Status" tab and check that the site is listed as 'WordPress Integrated':

image image

Step 3 - once this is active in your WordPress account make sure to click 'Integration Completed' in the Ezoic Dashboard:


*Please ensure you are running the latest version of the Ezoic plugin


7. Setting up your API Key is highly recommended. You can find the Ezoic API key under 'Leap' > 'Caching' > 'API Gateway':


Copy the generated API key. Paste this to the 'Ezoic API Key' field of the 'CDN Settings' tab of the Ezoic plugin and click on 'Save Settings'@


8. You’re now integrated with Ezoic! Now continue with the Ad Tester setup as outlined in the guide below and switch your site on in your Ezoic dashboard when this is complete: Ad Tester Getting Started Guide

If you have any other questions regarding the rest of the Ezoic onboarding process, be sure to reach out to your designated Ezoic specialist and they can assist you!

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