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Integrating via Cloudflare: Frequently Asked Questions

Modified on: Sun, 28 Apr, 2024

What will be changed on my Cloudflare account?

Once you integrate, the system will point your DNS records to Ezoic, so we can work as a proxy for your site. We will also turn off rocket loader. This is because rocket loader will load js scripts asynchronously and that hinders any scripts we may need to put on the page. No other changes will be made to your settings (and your original settings will be restored if you decide to remove integration).

What about CSS Caching?

If you're using Cloudflare, they will cache your CSS for a long time. This means that if you make changes to your CSS, it will take a while before seeing them on the live site. 

The canonical way of dealing with this is to change the HTML to include a query parameter at the end of your link to the CSS. Even though your server will ignore the query parameter, every time you change its value it will cause Cloudflare to re-query your server for content, and will then cache the new version. 

You can read more about the strategy here: https://css-tricks.com/strategies-for-cache-busting-css/

Should sites leave Cloudflare's proxy setting on if it is toggled on inside their Cloudflare account?

Sites should leave Cloudflare proxy on their domains (root domain and www). Ezoic uses Cloudflare for more advanced image/ video caching so there is no disadvantage of using the Cloudflare proxy + Ezoic's Cloud which also includes a proxy.

The Ezoic proxy will be enabled by default for those records where the Cloudflare proxy is enabled. Ezoic pulls that information in and will display it under the Settings tab in the DNS section of the Ezoic user dashboard.

How do Page Rules with Cloudflare work now?

Page Rules within Cloudflare give you the ability to fine tune your caching behavior for specific URLs. You can continue to use Page Rules with Ezoic, just be sure that you set the cache level to 'Bypass' or 'Standard'. Any of the other options will interfere with Ezoic's optimization.


Uninstalling the Cloudflare app

Were you to uninstall the CF app in Ezoic, all the changes that the system made to your account (to let the traffic routing take place) are reversed and the account reverts to your initial settings.

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