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Optimization Goals

Modified on: Sun, 2 Jun, 2024

With Ezoic you have the ability to set Optimization goals for your site, which will influence the results of the AI testing process.

Ezoic’s AI tests variations of ad placements and sizes depending on how the user will engage with the page, as well as the revenue generated based on historical advertiser data.

The Ezoic AI will adjust the number of ads and sizes based on the Optimization Settings that you can adjust.

To navigate to the Optimization Settings select 'EzoicAds' in the dashboard:


Next, simply click on 'Optimization Goals':

Here you can select your preferred Optimization Goals setting.
Your options are Balanced (default), Revenue Focused, User Experience Focused, or Custom.


The default setting is Balanced. We recommend the Balanced setting on the whole as this gives you the best balance between earning revenue and your website's user experience metrics.

If you select Revenue Focused, the AI technology places 70% focus on improving revenue, with 30% of focus on improving UX metrics.

The User Experience Focused Setting promotes the ad layouts that encourage your readers to stay on your website for longer and look at more of your content.
You can also create a custom set of metrics that will encourage the custom results. Remember, these settings tell the system what you want to achieve, so choose wisely!

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