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Ezoic Ad Tester - Getting Started Guide

Modified on: Thu, 11 Jan, 2024

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Step 1: Integration
Step 2: Connect to Google
Step 3: Ads.txt set up

Step 4: Placeholder setup
Step 5: Configure Ezoic's 'Privacy Policy' & 'Consent Management' apps 
Step 6: Ezoic ads   
Step 7: Patience


The Ezoic Ads app is a great way to use the power of multivariate testing on your website. Using Ezoic Ads, you can create up to 100 potential ad units, place them on your site, and let Ezoic's system test the different combinations of sizes, locations, types, and quantity of ads, to find what works best for each user that comes to your site.

Ezoic’s system is always balancing revenue and user experience, so it will determine the optimal number of ads based on the specific user, and which combination of sizes and locations maximizes revenue while improving user experience.  For example, if you have 20 placeholders on a page, Ezoic’s system may determine that the optimal number of ads for User A is 4 and for User B is 6.

Go to http://www.ezoic.com/start.php to create an account and get started.

The setup wizard on your dashboard will help you keep track of what step you’re at when setting up your site with Ezoic:


Step 1: Integrate


In order to Use Ad Tester, you must be 
integrated with Ezoic. You can find out about our Integration methods here.

Step 2: Connect to Google


Once you've integrated your site, you'll be able to fill out the application for Google's Ad manager (In step 3 on your Ezoic Dashboard). This is a requirement to work with Ezoic Google Ad Manager Multiple Customer Management (MCM) is a platform that allows publishers to connect a third party (like Ezoic) to their account to help manage their ad inventory. You can find out more about the ad manager process here.

Step 3: Ensure you have an up-to-date ads.txt


If you already have an ads.txt file and are nameserver or Cloudflare integrated, our system will detect that file and automatically append our authorized sellers.

However, if you do not have an existing ads.txt file, OR if you have one and are integrated with our WordPress Plugin, you will need to use Ads.txt Manager (adstxtmanager.com, an Ezoic product) to get your ads.txt running correctly. 

Step 4: Set up Placeholders


Step 4a: Wrap your Existing Ads

A guide to wrapping your existing ads can be found here.

Step 4b: Add Additional Testing Locations with Ezoic's Placeholders


After you have wrapped your existing ads. the next step is to include additional locations to be tested by the Ezoic system. You have three options to complete this:

i) Hardcode 

ii) Ezoic's Chrome Extension (recommended)

iii) WordPress Plugin 

Step 5: Configure Ezoic's 'Privacy Policy' & 'Consent Management' apps

Google has notified Ezoic they intend to stop ad serving on sites that do not display a privacy policy and collect active consent for data handling.

We recommend enabling Ezoic's free solutions to help you manage privacy and GDPR consent at pubdash.ezoic.com/privacy under the 'Privacy policy' and 'Consent management' headings. If you prefer, you can link your own privacy policy and enable a third-party consent modal if you have these set up already. You can find out more about this here

Please also review your obligations as a data controller under GDPR to ensure that all other legal requirements are being addressed.

Step 6: Turn on Ezoic Ad's 


Once you're happy with all your ad placements, you can enable ad tester from the
Ezoic ads tab and turn on traffic to Ezoic on your dashboard.


The percentage of traffic that is sent through the Ezoic platform can be adjusted when you turn on a device by navigating to the settings tab on the main dashboard.

Note: In order to use Ezoic Ad Tester, you must be integrated with Ezoic and be approved by Ad manager. 

Step 7: Patience

As with all testing, it will take time for the Ezoic Ad Tester to test all the possible combinations and find the best ones.  Depending on your website's traffic and the number of positions and sizes that you try, this can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months.

To give you an idea of how many combinations you're testing, please reference the
following chart. This chart assumes 3 possible ad sizes for each placeholder:


Please click here for further tips and tricks on optimizing your site with Ezoic ads.

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