Why Aren't Ads Showing Up On My Site?

Modified on: Sat, 4 Jul, 2020 at 12:40pm

There are a few reasons why ads might not being showing up on your site. Use this checklist to make sure you’ve got everything set up properly.

1. Have you cleared your browser cache?

Sometimes your browser will cache a non-ezoic version of the site. This can often happen when you've first turned Ezoic on. It's definitely worth clearing your browser cache and cookies as a first step.

2. Is your site integrated?

Your site must be integrated with Ezoic in order for ads to show. We recommend the the nameserver integration method (95% of our publishers choose this method). If you’re an existing Cloudflare user, click here

You'll be able to verify how your site is integrated with Ezoic by going to the settings tab of the Ezoic dashboard. There, you should see a section titled "Site Integration" that'll tell you exactly how you're integrated with Ezoic: 


3. Is Ezoic turned on? 

In order for ads to show, you must be sending a portion of your traffic to Ezoic and the ad tester app has to be turned on. 

4. Have you applied for Google’s Ad Exchange? 

This step is a mandatory part of the set up process, and is only made available after you’ve integrated your site. Your site has to be approved by Google for AdX before we are able to serve ads on your behalf. Getting approved can take anywhere from 1-5 hours. If you've not completed this step, you can do so by logging in to your Ezoic dashboard and clicking here: 


5. Have you given the name servers time to propagate? 

In order to prevent conflict, we typically like to keep your site turned 'off' in the back-end for 18 hours after integrating to ensure that the name servers fully propagate before enabling Ezoic.

6. Are your DNS settings correct? Have you changed hosts recently?

At the bottom of the settings tab of your Ezoic dashboard, you should see our list of your DNS records. For the Ezoic platform to function properly, we need to make sure that these are the same as the list of DNS records (sometimes referred to as 'zone files') found at your host. Your hosts should have a support article on how to find your DNS records on their end, so you can make sure that our list is up to date! 

Note: It’s important to note that if changing hosts you should update your DNS records manually in Settings > Advanced > DNS to match the records as they appear at your new host. We recommend removing integration with Ezoic whilst you do this in order to avoid any down time. Read more about how changing hosts works with Name server or Cloudflare integration here: Switching Hosts: DNS

7. Has Ezoic's SSL App been configured correctly?

For Ezoic to operate correctly on the site, you'll need to make sure our SSL app (found in the privacy tab of your Ezoic dashbboard) has been configured according to your set up. Please see this article for more info on how to do this: Using SSL with Ezoic

8. Do you have an ads.txt file?

If you don't have an existing ads.txt file then not to worry! However, if you do have one, it's important all the details in this file are correct to avoid Google stopping serving ads to your site. Here's a handy tool you can use to check for errors: 


When integrated with Ezoic, it's also important that your Ads.txt file contains our full list of sellers. If you're name server or Cloudflare integrated, we'll do this automatically for you. If you're wordpress integrated, you'll need to get this set up through adstxtmanager.com. There's a guide on how to do this here.

9. Have you linked to Ezoic's Privacy Policy?

You'll need to make your site has a reference to Ezoic's privacy policy, to be able to serve ads in EU regions. This can be set up through our privacy policy app.

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